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Student Life

Student Life

At Kirkland SDA School we value each other. We want to show respect for others and ourselves within our community. We are committed to striving to do our best and take responsibility for our own actions. Our school community works best when it operates on trust, support, and safety. Students are to respect the rights of other students and the school rules.

A student engaging in any of the following practices during school or any school- sponsored activity will be subject to disciplinary action, which could include being asked to withdraw from Kirkland Seventh-day Adventist School:

  1. Undermining the religious ideals of the school.
  2. Disrespect for teachers, staff or students.
  3. Disobeying teacher/staff and supervising adults.
  4. Using profane language, taking God’s name in vain, using inappropriate or slang words that are substitutes for God’s name or swear words.
  5. Possessing or displaying obscene literature or pictures or indulging in lewd conduct.
  6. Possessing, using or distributing alcoholic beverages, tobacco, or drug-related substance in any form.
  7. Intentionally damaging school property.
  8. Defacing textbooks or library books.
  9. Gambling or possessing playing cards or other gambling devices.
  10. Engaging in stealing, forgery, dishonesty, willful deception, entering locked places, or any form of cheating.
  11. Playing pranks that may be injurious to life or property; deliberately committing any act that injures a fellow student.
  12. Harassing of any person for racial, sexual, or other reasons. 
  13. Possessing weapons or incendiary devices of any kind.
  14. Displaying a detrimental influence or spirit out of harmony with the standards or basic philosophy of the school.
  15. Engaging in inappropriate physical contact or display of affection, such as lingering hugs, hand holding, kissing, etc.
  16. Using the school’s media equipment, including TV, VCR, cameras, computers, sound equipment, etc in an unauthorized manner.
  17. Using cell phone and media players of any type during school hours or while on a school-sponsored trip or activity. Students needing to make a call must obtain the teacher’s permission. The above- mentioned media players and cell phones, if misused, will become the school’s property and may be redeemed for a $10 cash fine.
  18. Using computers in an unacceptable way.
Consequences for some types of minor infractions (gum, improper cell phone usage, etc.) may include a financial fine.  Replacement/repair of textbooks, or lost, tampered with, or damaged school equipment will require complete restitution or coverage of repair costs.


Any student who is determined to have carried or possessed a firearm or other dangerous weapon onto school premises, school-provided transportation, or to other places where school-sponsored activity is taking place, shall be subject to immediate expulsion. Students in violation of this policy shall be promptly reported to their parents/guardians and, as required by law, to the local law enforcement agency.

Toy weapons (guns, knives, etc) or weapon facsimiles are also not allowed.  These toys convey a philosophy contrary to that of the school. These toys can also be mistaken for the real thing, which can trigger violence in someone who may feel they have to defend themselves.

Any student who is determined to have made a threat against another student or staff member, in any venue, shall be subject to immediate expulsion. If the threat is serious (all threats are treated as serious unless determined otherwise) police are contacted immediately.


If, in the sole discretion of the school, a student (1) fails to achieve satisfactory educational performance or (2) demonstrates unsatisfactory conduct, or (3) his/her spirit is out of harmony with the standards of the school, or (4) his/her influence is found to be detrimental, he/she may be asked to withdraw at any time, even though there may have been no specific violation of any particular regulation.

Upon the recommendation of the Principal and/or Discipline Committee the status of the student’s enrollment at KSDA will be presented to the School Board. The School Board will deliberate in executive, closed-door session regarding the recommended expulsion of the student. The school board is the final authority in the expulsion of a student. Any student who has been expelled is not to return to the school campus for any visit or school activity.




We realize how much children love to bring their prized possessions to share with their friends; however, we cannot accept the responsibility for their safety. Toys can also distract students from learning while at school. Please do not allow children to bring toys to school unless they are for Show and Tell. All items such as athletic equipment, laser pointers, toys, radios, cd players, games, headphones, etc. are to be left at home. The school is not responsible for personal property brought to school.


If you wish to bring healthy treats for your student birthday please check with the classroom teacher first.




Computers are used to support learning and to enhance instruction. It is a general policy that all computers used at Kirkland Seventh-day Adventist School are to be used in a responsible, efficient, ethical and legal manner. Failure to adhere to the school policy and the guidelines for their use, as described below, will result in the revocation of access privileges 


Personal laptop computers may be brought to school under certain conditions. Requests to do so must be made to the faculty and will be determined on an individual basis.


Students may elect to utilize this technology for reading. However, students are not to use them for games. No internet access will be deemed appropriate. Parents must sign a no-fault waiver if their student is to use this device at school. 


The school reserved the right to use student likenesses and student work in school and local publications for marketing and publicity purposes.