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Student Services

Student Services 


Washington State requires all schools to plan and implement a Crisis Response Plan that covers precautions and instructions should emergencies occur. These drills are held during the school year as an important activity promoting the safety and well- being of students. Students may be prompted to various actions by either an announcement over the intercom or the fire alarm.



The staff at KSDA make a great effort to provide a safe environment for each student. Below is a brief description of our emergency procedures.


If indoors, stay indoors and Drop, Cover and Hold. If possible, move to an inside wall or to a doorway. Stay away from windows and glass. As soon as possible, students will be evacuated to a central location. Do not run through or near buildings where debris could fall on you. If outside, stay in the open. Keep away from buildings, trees and electrical wires.



When the fire alarm sounds, all students, personnel, and visitors will evacuate the building immediately. Students must leave their classrooms and proceed directly to the designated exit. All classes should walk rapidly and silently away from the building, standing face away from the building while the teacher takes roll to make certain no one is missing.



Office will announce appropriate lock-down code over the intercom. At this time proceed to a nearby classroom and wait for instructions. Staff will: lock doors, close curtains, turn out lights, direct students to a secure location in the classroom, and take roll. Teachers will be in contact with the office via handheld radio. Our immediate evacuation area is the soccer field.



It is important that the office staff have the ability to contact someone close to school in case of an unplanned school closure, early dismissal due to a snowstorm, or one of the emergencies listed above. Please make arrangements with a family or friend in the immediate Kirkland area where your child may go in the event you are unable to come to school to pick up your child. List that name and phone number on the application form under emergency contact information. Every child needs to have an alternate contact in the community that can be called by you or us in the event of your absence. Your child will be more comfortable in a home environment.



As an Adventist organization, we have certain standards and beliefs to which we adhere. If you volunteer, we ask that you follow the same standards that the teachers and staff follow. That means clothing needs to be modest and appropriate. Volunteers should refrain from wearing jewelry. Watches and wedding rings are acceptable.



All volunteers are required to complete the following before they will be allowed to drive for a school-sponsored event or volunteer at school:

  1. Submit a volunteer background screening application to the school office and receive background check/application approval. This process needs to be completed every three years and may be done through the school.
  2. Confirm the number of working seat belts you have in your vehicle. This needs to be confirmed with the teacher in advance of each field trip in which you will be driving.
  3. Submit a copy of your abstract driving record and proof of insurance if you would like to drive immediately.
  4. Hot lunch volunteers are required to hold a food handler’s permit before working in the hot lunch program.


Students are responsible for all books, supplies, furniture, and other equipment provided for their use and will be expected to pay for lost or damaged items. Textbooks are to be kept in book covers.



The use of student cell-phones during the school day is prohibited. Cell phones that are used or ring in class will be taken to the office and returned only when a parent picks it up from the school and the $10.00 fine is paid. Students may use school phones for emergency purposes or to communicate with parents/guardians, with a teacher’s permission.



The staff will collect articles, which are found anywhere in the buildings or on school grounds. Most articles are kept in a storage container in the Student Lounge of Puget Sound Adventist Academy. Items of value are kept in the school office. Neither the school nor the faculty is responsible for negligent care of personal belongings. Write names on all personal items: jackets, sweaters, backpacks, lunch boxes, etc. All unclaimed lost and found items will be donated to charity at the end of each quarter.



Skateboards/rollerblades/wheeled shoes are not to be ridden on the school grounds.



Just as every student has the right to an education without disruption, every student has the obligation to be polite and considerate in their dealing with other students, teachers, and staff members. Everyone benefits from a “thank you”, excuse, me”, or from someone offering help to another. Good manners and the willingness to be positive to one another helps contribute to a great school!


KSDA’s discipline policy is based on expectations that should be easily understood by students including being prepared, tolerant, respectful, kind and responsible. Good discipline is a friendly, yet orderly work cooperatively toward our goals. It includes appropriate classroom management and other discipline strategies. Therefore, it is important that both parents and students review the discipline philosophy and the school rules as stated in this bulletin.


Examples of classroom/school rules may include:


  1. Children will respect school property.
  2. Children will use appropriate social language.
  3. Children will respect the rights and property of others.
  4. Children will not be willfully disobedient.
  5. Fighting is never permitted (and is often an offense that requires out of-school suspension)
  6. Children will not leave the building without permission.
  7. Children will obey all rules and regulations of the school.
  8. Bullying or harassment will not be tolerated.
  9. Weapons or items that could be used as weapons (including toys) are not allowed in school (zero tolerance, and is often an offense that requires out-of-school suspension).
  10. Weapons or items that could be used as weapons (including toys) are not allowed in school (zero tolerance, and is often an offense that requires out-of-school suspension).
  11. Children may not bring, use or distribute drugs, alcohol or illegal substances on the way to, from or during school.
  12. Cheating – including plagiarism, copying, or allowing someone to copy, will result in a loss of credit on the assignment. Subsequent incidences will result in additional disciplinary action

All schools have consequences when classroom management techniques fail and/or when expected standards of student behavior are not adhered to. The following range of consequences may be applied by the teacher or principal, depending upon the needs of the child, the nature of the offense, and the frequency of the occurrence:


  1. Writing and implementing a corrective plan of action.
  2. Verbal and/or written apology
  3. Meeting/call with principal/teacher/parent/student
  4. Time out in a designated area
  5. Loss of recess privilege
  6. Remaining beyond a regular school day.
  7. Restoration of defaced property
  8. Suspension – in/out of school



Christian principles compel us to dignify and respect all mankind, and treat all people appropriately. The Kirkland Seventh- day Adventist School is committed to preventing any type of harassment/bullying of individuals. In insisting upon this, we are not only following Christian principles, but also guidelines set forth by federal and state laws that prohibit racial, religious, age, or sexual harassment of any person. Furthermore, such conduct is offensive and will not be tolerated.


Racial, religious, age, and sexual harassment include such conduct as slurs, jokes, intimidation or any other verbal or physical attack directed at an individual’s race, religion, national origin, age or gender. Sexual harassment includes unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature when such conduct has the purpose or effect of interfering with the individual’s work or school performance or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive school environment.


It is essential that any and all incidents of harassment/bullying be reported to the principal. Verbal complaints will be documented in writing to assist in an investigation. Such complaints will be treated in a confidential manner; however, limited disclosure may be necessary in order to complete a thorough investigation. If it is determined that policy has been violated, prompt corrective action will be taken.



Chapel is conducted on a weekly basis, generally each Friday at 8:30am. Assemblies are scheduled periodically throughout the school year. Notices are sent out as needed. Parents are always invited to join us for any of these events.



All students are expected to join classmates in daily physical activity on the playground during recess, as directed by the relationship where we

teacher. Recess may be moved indoors at the discretion of grade level teachers because of inclement weather or playground conditions. If your child has a health problem and needs to stay inside, a doctor’s note will be honored. The doctor’s note should state the problem and a specific period of time.


Recess is provided for students so that they may interact with peers. Students who do not follow school rules may miss recess.



An ovo-lacto vegetarian lunch is available for $4.00 on a daily basis, unless otherwise noted. Please make sure to send a lunch and necessary eating utensils with your children if they are not purchasing hot lunch. Please refrain from sending caffeinated beverages to school with your child.



The school reserves the right to use pictures of students and their creative works in school publications, school website, church and local papers, displays, and the school FACEBOOK site.



Kirkland Seventh-day Adventist School requires that an emergency packet be brought on the first day of school.. A school- provided packet will be given to any student who does not bring his or her own during the first week of attendance. There will a $22.00 charge for emergency packet provided by the school.



Each family will receive a school directory*. Directory information will include, but may not be limited to addresses, and phone numbers. If you do not want to be included in this directory, please indicate on the school application materials. *If you indicate on your application you do not want your family information included, you will not receive a directory.



The extended care program is available as a service to parents needing childcare after regular school hours. The program combines a supervised snack time, arts & crafts, games and free play from 3:30pm – 6:00 p.m, Monday through Thursday and until 4:00pm on Fridays. The cost of the program is $3.50 per hour or any part of an hour with a $15.00 registration fee.



Field trips are an extension of learning. The current educational philosophy recognizes the desirability of using the total community environment as a learning laboratory. To this end, teachers may schedule field trips for their classes. These trips, always arranged for their educational value, enable students to see people at work and serve to broaden the students’ total educational experience. Before a student can go on a field trip a permission slip signed by the parent must be submitted to the teacher. Verbal permissions and handwritten notes are not accepted. If students do not have permission to go on a trip, those students will be placed in another classroom for their instruction. There are no refunds for missed field trips.



All regulations adopted during the year and announced to the students are as binding as those published here.