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Vice Principal, 5th & 6th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Ursino was born and raised in the Portland, OR, area. She attended Tualatin Valley Jr. Academy and Laurelwood Adventist Academy.

Since graduating from Walla Walla College, she has taught in several different school settings, including teaching in multi-grade classrooms, a mission school, and a one-teacher school before she came to teach at Kirkland. Mrs. Ursino has 29 years of teaching experience in grades 1-8. She has earned her Washington State Certification in addition to SDA certification with endorsements in history and reading.

Mrs. Ursino enjoys all ages but especially middle school students. She loves reading, history, and traveling and brings her experiences to the classroom in her social studies and reading classes to inspire her students. Her commitment to creating community in her classroom and engaging her students in artistic endeavors across the curriculum is evident when you walk into her room. A priority is her commitment to modeling a real relationship with Jesus each and every day!

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