Excellence in All We Do


It is Kirkland Seventh-day Adventist School’s desire to project a positive Christian image on campus and in the community. The principles that guide our dress code are standards of excellence that encourage modesty and simplicity and a focus on learning instead of fashion. Therefore, proper grooming and modesty should be reflected in the appearance of students at all times, while at school and while attending school sponsored activities.

This guiding principle is aimed at moderation, good taste, comfort and practicality. Jewelry is not allowed, as well as unnatural or extreme cosmetics or nail polish. Hair must be natural in color, clean, neat, and of a length determined by administration. 


  • A unified dress code can help students to perceive each other as equals. With fewer occasions or causes for rivalry, teachers and students can focus attention on the main reason for our school- a sound, quality Christian education.

  • Uniform dress can be a constant reminder of the special nature of a private school and can help foster a valuable group consciousness important in a society emphasizing only personal individuality.

  • A unified dress code can help students learn to distinguish themselves by performance, achievement and other important ways rather than by non- merit reasons such as wardrobe. 

  • An atmosphere of professionalism and dignity can be encouraged with a unified dress code and students can learn to appreciate the identification and the privilege that wearing a uniform representing Kirkland Seventh-day Adventist School means.

  • Students are expected to adhere to the following dress code guidelines while on campus and on school sponsored trips unless specific instructions are given to indicate an exception. Students will be excluded from class or school functions until their attire meets expectations.



  • Plain solid color khaki or navy blue chino, twill or corduroy pants from any vendor are acceptable.

  • Designs, contrasting stitching, embroidery, emblems, insignias, monograms and logos are not allowed.

  • All clothing should be modest and appropriate size. Sagging and baggy pants are not allowed.  


  • Long or short-sleeved collared plain polo shirts are required in white, navy blue, light blue or red.

  • Long or short-sleeved oxford shirts or blouses are also acceptable in the same solid colors indicated above. Any vendor is acceptable.

  • Cardigan, V-neck and crew neck sweaters and sweater vests are allowed over polo/oxford shirts and must be solid white, navy blue, light blue or red.

  • No designs, emblems, insignias, monograms and logos on polo shirts, oxford shirts, blouses or sweaters.

  • Solid undershirts may be worn under polo/oxford shirts with only the neckline showing. Turtleneck shirts may be worn UNDER a long sleeved collared shirt.  Short sleeved shirts may not be worn over long sleeved undershirts or turtleneck shirts.


  • Closed toed shoes are required.

  • If shoes have laces, they must be laced up and tied.

  • Athletic shoes are required to participate in P.E. classes.


  • No caps/hats/hoods/head coverings are to be worn within school buildings.

  • Sunglasses are not to be worn in the building

Please review these guidelines and discuss them with your child. Remember that neatness, modesty, and safety are our primary concerns.


Uniform items with the school logo can be ordered from Land's End.