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Music, one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind, is invaluable to human culture. It is one of the ways we can praise God. It allows people to connect with each other and with themselves to discover deeper meanings of human emotions and interactions.

Music education provides necessary life skills such as self-discipline, self-expression, responsibility, patience, and teamwork. Our goal is to instill a love of music that will carry on for the rest of students’ lives.

Lower elementary music classes are taught using the pedagogical methods developed by Zoltan Kodaly. This approach is based on singing, listening and movement. By the 4th grade children are able to sing in tune with a beautiful sound, recognize and notate rhythm, and sight-read music. Students also learn to play the recorder and tone chimes.

Beginning in 5th grade students learn to play a brass, woodwind or percussion instrument in band. Band is also taught at the 6th, 7th and 8th grade levels.

Students give performances at Christmas and in the Spring at school, and throughout the year at our constituent churches.

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