Classroom Wish Lists

In support of our teachers and classrooms, the Home and School team asks our teachers each year for their wish lists. If you would like to donate to the teachers' wish lists, contact us by filling out the form below. Thank you for your support. 


Mrs. Jacaban

Kid's Scoop Rocker Chairs

5th & 6th Grade

Mrs. Osborne

Art Supplies (Block Printing and Silk Screening $250)

Science Materials and Supplies

Classroom Carpet

8th Grade

Mrs. Griffin

Locking Laptop Charging Station/Cart ($400 Range)

Inflatable Wobble Seats X 10 ($17-23 Depending on Specific Ones)

Athletics Department

Coach Nye

Volleyball Nets and Poles

Volleyball Uniforms

Fence Windscreen for Soccer

Practice Pennies


Flag Football Belts


Mr. Jacaban

New School Van to Replace Old Van

Donations Towards The New Security Card Key System

New Double Doors in the Gymnasium to the Outside

More Classrooms Lists to Come


If you would like to give towards these classroom wish lists, please contact us by indicating where and what you would like to donate. Your donations are greatly appreciated and are tax-deductible as applicable by law. 

Thanks for submitting!