IT Director, Photography, Yearbook, Computer, Bible Teacher

Mr. Bokov earned his bachelor’s degree in linguistics in the former Soviet Union at Kabardino-Balkaria State University. He did this despite restrictions, which required him to take tests on the Sabbath. He was determined to follow God rather than man and as a result God honored his obedience. After graduating, Mr. Bokov worked for the Adventist publishing house in Russia. He continued his studies at Andrews University where he obtained a master’s degree in religion 

Mr. Bokov’s interests outside of school go hand in hand with his work with students. He is interested in technology and photography. As an accomplished photographer, he is a natural fit for yearbook sponsor. He keeps current in his field and teaches students to use software to enhance photographs. The purpose of all of Mr. Bokov’s work with students is, “to bring students closer to God. It is important for students to know the Bible and what they believe. This is the time of the end and students need to be able to see the signs of the times and be prepared.

Such experiences in ministry and teaching continue to inspire and inform Pastor Troy’s work at PSAA. Above all, he seeks guidance from God through prayer and the Bible. He strives for frequent moments with students where hearts and Bibles are open; he is passionate about students discovering their own, vibrant faith in Jesus Christ. Through worship gatherings, curriculum, outreach, spontaneous conversations, and perpetual innovation, Pastor Troy partners with students to provide a variety of ways for the campus to encounter and foster the Presence of God. Pastor Troy says, "I'm excited to participate in the PSAA mission to extend God's Kingdom through the lives of our students. My greatest reward is seeing students express their faith with creativity and conviction."